LG G3 will have a Quad HD Display with 2560×1440 Pixels Resolution

While everybody is even now holding up for the first true wave of 2k display clad telephones to hit the business, we have seen reports developing that allude to Samsung, LG and different producers looking to bring ultra-high-Resolution Display to the business sector.

Evleaks had uncovered that the approaching LG G3 will get a quad HD display. What’s more now as stated by Engadget, LG has affirmed that its next leader G3 will offer a quad HD display with 2560 x 1440 pixels of determination.

On the off chance that past gossipy tidbits are to be accepted then the G3 could get a 5.5-inch LCD, which implies the pixel thickness might go the distance up to 534ppi. This might be route higher than the Galaxy S5′s 432ppi. Then again, in spite of the absence of the 2k presentation, the Galaxy S5 has accepted honors for the DisplayMate execution, which is accepted to be the best in its class by Displaymate. Actually, one of the reliable bits of gossip about the Galaxy S5 that didn’t appear was a 2560 x 14400 or a 2k presentation.

LG’s 5.5-inch board is supposedly the first ever Quad HD AH-IPS LCD  for cell phones, simple 1.21 mm thick with a 1.2 mm bezel. In the event that this bit of news ends up being correct then the G3 will be the first standard Android gadget to characteristic a 2k Display, unless some other organization gets the gold before it. The organization is accepted to be pushing for a June or July propel for the G3 to contend with high-end leaders from Samsung, HTC and others.


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